About Us

Whaddup? My name is Alex Farone, the founder and president of Coaches Lunch here to tell you a little bit about our company. Coaches Lunch is a blog that focuses on the two best things in the world; sports and food. We were founded by a few college students who take their passion for food and sports inappropriately serious. We write about current food / sports arguments, headlines, and stories. We believe that our unwanted opinions should be made public for everyone in the world to see, then progressively passed around until we become somewhat relevant. We really live the American dream, and try our best to give you a taste of it.

We started as a simple blog as freshman in college to express our ideas on the two things we love most. We hope to grow our business and expand our brand on a global¬†scale. Food and sports are the basis of life, and it is our duty to make people understand that. All of our ideas are original, and we freely express our opinions to the public. For those interested in joining the coaching staff, and living the American dream, feel free to contact us. Our contact information can be found on the “contact us” pages located at the top and bottom of the website.